You may not have predicted your boyfriend waiting until the day after Christmas to break up with you so that he could get all his presents and get you none but you can trust this page to accurately determine your day working at an ad agency. 


You will never be able to write the perfect Maid of Honor speech because you know your CW friends would never wholly approve.
— Tuesday, August 2
You will be assigned a Pinterest assignment on Oreo which will be a stabbing reminder of how hungry and fat you are.
— Monday, August 1
All productivity will be thwarted by the new Harry Potter book.
— Sunday, July 31
You will spend the entire day finishing the Stranger Things season.
— Saturday, July 30
An intense Bollywood workout during lunch hour will make you consider a career as Usher’s backup dancer.
— Friday, July 29
You will try to brainstorm but end up binge-watching the Bachelorette instead.
— Thursday, July 28
Your banner ad will finally be approved.
— Wednesday, July 27
You will delete 234 versions of a banner ad only to get an email that the client wants last minute changes.
— Tuesday, July 26
You will be the first to discover the secret bagel stash at work.
— Monday, July 25