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Boring Legal Stuff:

Application for O1 Visa processing.

Good things people other than my mom think about me:

She has a very strong personal point of view, about society and that visual and verbal storytelling comes through in her work. "

 - Vassoula Vasilou / President | AIGA Miami Chapter 

Okay, so Unnati will always have a story to share. Literally at any moment, she will tell you the most interesting, elaborate tale of what happened to her in the previous 24 hours. And that's what makes her the best creative. "

- Mina Mikhael / Sr. Art Director | DDB

" Unnati didn’t only meet my expectations, she blasted right through them. Not only could she design a key insight to drive creative, she made sure it was all tied together in a cohesive manner. "

- Carlos Roncajolo / Head of Creative | Cheil Worldwide

" I found Unnati to be professional, smart, creative and possess the kind of self directed initiative that is valuable in any industry. Her standout project, 51 Tinder Dates, took a book assignment to a whole new level of creativity, research(!) and is really funny! "

- Kimberly Capron Gonzales / Instructor | Miami Ad School

" Unnati has a unique sense of style, based upon her quirky sense of humor, her self-confidence, her ability to hold her own with her peers and her lack of fear about trying out the new and unexplored. "

- Sunandini Banerjee / Senior Editor & Graphic Designer | Seagull Books